Vermont - 2021


Drone shot of Declan walking in the side yard

At camp, with Sodie. Declan likes his throne sitting on the porch table

Declan likes to chew on rubber bands and he's cute as heck!


Joy in California...

the last days!

We are spending more time outdoors, and Declan seems to like it!

Declan sure enjoys banging his Wubbles together...and we enjoy watching!

Jumping Jumping Jumping!

Declan is now enjoying a variety of foods; mango, bananas, peas, pears, apples and more. He's a very eager eater.

Declan tries banana, and he likes it better than sweet potato

Donna Summer's 'MacArthur Park' is the musical inspiration behind this moment, thanks to Laura for filming

Tummy Time in Time Lapse

Session 5

He likes it!

Just morning and a nice feeding...

A few minutes later some more sleep!

Trying to get our sling to work...

Baby arrives home from the hospital.

Director of photography: Jennifer Williams


Recording of the first time we heard a heartbeat